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"14 Roots/14 Raices" student screen print poster exhibition, "Power to the People!," Art Institute of Chicago, (2019.) Created in response to the Art Institute's exhibition"The People Shall Govern!," covering the Medu Ensemble's groundbreaking apartheid-era political posters. Student program facilitated by William Estrada and Hallie Sanclemente Morrison.

Natives and non-Natives are invited to join a free community arts-based research and conversation program that centers the exploration and reflection of Elginites’ individual + collective connections to these "Elgin" lands. 

Elgin is the land of the Potawatomi, Ho-Chunk, Kickapoo, Ocheti Sakowin, Peoria, and Myaamia peoples. 

The Incubator program will meet throughout 2023*, and will be focused on co-designing an eventual Land Back action in Elgin. 

The program will be facilitated by local artist, researcher, teacher, and curator Hallie Sanclemente Morrison, plus Native and non-Native co-facilitators (TBD.)

This project can be defined greatly by its participants and the knowledge, stories, and desires they bring to Elgin. So, the Incubator is seeking participants who are interested in co-creating this communal experience by co-facilitating sessions, leading activities, or speaking about relevant topics that they are passionate about. (Compensation is available, please express interest in the registration form.)  

This Incubator welcomes everyone, and aims to help Elginites to first dig deep and 
1. Understand these lands, so that we can  
2. Value them, and feel 
3. Accountable for them, which incentivizes us to 
4. Protect them, and ultimately 
5. Re-envision them. 
Our goal is to re-imagine the reparative means we can take as a community to restore and re-center Indigenous ways of living to change how we individually and collectively thrive. 

Please spread the word to friends/colleagues.

*Ideally, participants will attend each session, to build a visionary and meaningful cohort with trusting connections.​​​​​​​

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