For this exhibition, Art Relief International worked with 8 community groups to create as many paper flowers as possible with the goal of coming together on one site-specific artwork. With partnership from Rosy Cheeks Owner/Head Chef, Fuji Kittiach Krajangkaew, we worked to set his beautiful restaurant as a gallery and community space for an evening. 
Knowing the venue, our 8 groups were asked to envision a piece that be gifted to the restaurant, to decorate it forever and further represent themselves. We all agreed on a field/aura of flowers, and set the goal of cross-community engagement between these 8 communities, though they wouldn't be able to work in person. Groups employed 3 paper flower making techniques, and the canvas travelled to each group for fastening the flowers in place. 
The final product and event helped ARI to raise awareness of these 8 community groups, auction off artworks/items in support of other local partners, promote Rosy Cheeks Gourmet Restaurant as a community partner, and raise support for ARI's continuation of art relief workshops for marginalized groups in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
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