PROCESS OVER PRODUCT Exhibition. Photography courtesy of Brian Mac Domhnaill 

I am a first-generation Colombian-American interdisciplinary a/r/tographer (artist, researcher, teacher), curator, and community organizer with indigenous Guatemalan roots who is deeply reverent to Mother Earth's voice and dedicated to empowering others in their healing, creation capabilities. 

My mission to share the transformative impacts of creativity has brought me to work around the globe with various Indigenous communities. I am proud to say that my projects with different community groups have resulted in the co-creation of small handicraft businesses, educational resources, international arts educator trainings, a world-wide community of peers--and a fortified desire of mine to further perpetuate arts and wellbeing education access. 

As an a/r/tographer, I practice "living inquiry," and chase questions about my own place, Indigenous wisdom, dreams, cognition, and behavior. In line with restorative social justice practices, my artwork is healing in its own making, and stems from art-as-therapy and contemplative methods. 

I have taught as a Teaching Artist at many art centers, and worked as an Art Director and Arts Administrator in Ireland, Thailand, and the US. I am an alumna of Ireland's higher individualized education institution, Uversity, where I earned a self-designed Master of Arts in Creative Process, focusing in Art Therapy and Art Education, as well as a supplemental degree in Global Development Through the Arts. I am an alumna of the Rhode Island School of Design, where I was awarded a degree in Painting, and focused in the History of Art and Visual Culture. 

I am currently based in Chicago, USA.
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