"BONDS" was an exhibiting showcasing the Art Relief International volunteer connection with our partner communities in Chiang Mai. The works in the show incorporated original works by the volunteers and by our partner groups, such as local at-risk youth, orphans, boys in prison, adults with disabilities, and Burmese migrants. The volunteers led art relief (art therapy and art education) workshops with these communities to provide safe, creative spaces amidst their struggles. These artistic opportunities resulted in this exhibition's work. 
This artist-volunteer's series warned viewers of the dangers of single-use plastic. Her portrait series is called "Breathless." She also produced a portrait from pieces of colored, recycled plastic, which were fused together with heat in a collage style--constructing a resemblance, piece by piece. That portrait is called "Blind."
This artist-volunteer worked with over 6 marginalized communities to create a collage representing "A Day in the Life at ARI." Original works from each group are directly folded into her conglomeration of personal memories, sketches, completed illustrations, and more. 
These totes bags, by the third and final artist-volunteer represented in the exhibition, come from over 5 groups' original creatures. They derive from collective constructions of shaped filled with localized texture rubbings. The merchandise and artworks were all for sale at the venue, Food4Thought, Chiang Mai. 
We represented our work with original merchandise for sale, following designs seen in the show. Raffles and prizes were auctioned off. 
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