This June 2022 window exhibition at Side Street Studio Arts' LAB location was the product of the community workshop "Breaking (from) It," facilitated by myself and two other local artists and healers: Horror Floral and Amaris Danak. The workshop participants consisted of local Elginites and was open to the public. 

This workshop kicked off the Going Dutch 2022 Arts Festival as the first event in the month-long celebration of "the female voice in dance, music, theater, and the visual arts."

Our intention for this art-as-healing, spontaneous and cathartic community experience came from our first-ever meeting as a group of artists focused on various modes of healing. We all met in 2021 at a dinner at SpringBird cottage, and we all shared resonant ideas and practices and promised each other we would offer some kind of event to the community in 2022. 
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