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Produced by Hallie Sanclemente Morrison, Jordan Selander, and Corey Nunley (Chicago.)

"Essential Voyage: Indigenous Wisdom Will Save Us All" is a surreal, environmental short film by a/r/tographer Hallie Sanclemente Morrison based on true stories and real dreams of their process of “becoming indigenous” to the lands of the Ho-Chunk, Sioux, Potawatomi, Menominee, and many other Native peoples, as a second-generation Colombian-American. From dreams of antiquated stoves and hyper-individualism, to talking with plants and being denied travel for lacking an Earth Protection agenda, this film visualizes some of the ways that human and non-human beings are communicating with us to protect our planet.
The film was created for the international group exhibition, "Cities of The Future: Living Together," hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery's Creative & Cognition conference and exhibition (virtual, 2021; Venice, Italy, 2022.) 

Support for this film comes from the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission. ​​​​​​​
The full film is not yet available online. If interested in viewing the full film or setting up a screening, please email 
"Essential Voyage" was first represented with a trailer and poster at the 2021 ACM Creativity & Cognition virtual conference. The conference took place via Gather.Town, a video game-like platform that allows conference-goers to engage together in real-time, while viewing videos, presentations, exhibitions, demonstrations, and more. 
The virtual conference has been preserved digitally and now anyone can explore it for free. Go to:
Production sketch. Digital painting by Allison Faye Mack.
Article access for "Essential Voyage" in the ACM Archives: click here
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