Highly influenced by the immediacy of monotyping, this work revolves around the fleeting ness of emotional expression, explored on paper, in knit, and in paint. 
Paper yarn, chine colle 
Plastic acetate adhered to print by pieces of pigment and pigment-drenched string
Portraits from print and ghost print, knit adhered to print by pigment
Knit swatch with beadwork, adhered to print by pigment
Knit swatch with beadwork, adhered to print by pigment
Acrylic paint, spelled out and knitted
Studio installation of print series with handmade print portfolio box.
Star banner reads: "i can do anything good better than anyone" 
Painting on canvas and knit installation
Acrylic paint, "We live in time and can measure it in units of passing"
Knit color field "paintings"
Illegibility in knit and text in pencil
Knitting with swimming pool noodles
Knit experiments
Interactive installation 
Those present during a critique were invited to play this kind of game, in which each person received a card with their name on it. Players were told to race around the installation and lift up as many flaps on the board game/wall as possible to collect as many stickers as they could. They placed their collected stickers on their name cards, and at the end of the collection frenzy I explained what the stickers represented. The stickers represented life potential points (small/large foam stars, small/ large foam planets, 1 foam Sun, foam moons, foam asteroids, etc.) and that the kinds of stickers and the number of them collected determined your life's quality and future course. Most people were disappointed after hearing this information, especially if they hadn't gotten excited about the game and collected a low number of small stickers. But, the person with the Sun had found the quality necessary in having the best life, which pleased that person very much. 

At the time, this was a performed metaphor for the mindset and energy I felt necessary to succeed in life--a positive, motivated actions and a sunny attitude. 
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