The Chiang Mai Drama Center's twist on "A Midsummer Night's Dream." All of the students/performers were involved in the creation of the set (ages 6-13). First, workshops were held to teach the necessary construction techniques, and then students worked together with me to produce the final set for the performance. 

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" begins in Athens, Greece. In our version, the Grecians were the omniscient muses of the play, providing musical insight to the plot. 

Puck, the king of forest mischief, around and inside this tree. 

The muses know all in the enchanted forest. Recycled plastic bottles turned into painted flowers, and were strung on faerie lights.  

In the forest, many songs were sung to revamp the Shakespearean classic. Whimsical screens of fabric, matching the symbolic dreamcatcher, providing hiding places for the faerie people, so the humans from Athens wouldn't discover their existence.  

The bed, concealed by the fabric screens, rests amongst the forest--5 meter tall painted trees.  

Queen Titania's faerie maids rest on the flowery bed, covered in velvet and homemade flower lights. 

The faeries make everything all right in the end, and the story finished in the forest. 

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