"14 Roots/14 Raices" student screen printed political poster exhibition, "Power to the People!," at the Art Institute of Chicago, (2019.) Created in response to the Art Institute's exhibition"The People Shall Govern!," of the Medu Ensemble's apartheid-era political posters. Student program facilitated by William Estrada and Hallie Sanclemente Morrison via Marwen Foundation.

The Great Listening is a growing community movement dedicated to centering Earth's wisdom, cultural exchange, and spotlighting Indigenous teachers. 
This program welcomes everyone to experience communal listening sessions, ceremonies, and gatherings that center healing and reconnecting with Mother Earth. 

We aim to help everyone to dig deeper to better 
1. Understand and honor Earth, and Earth's Indigenous caretakers, so that we can better 
2. Value them, and feel 
3. Accountable, which incentivizes us to 
4. Protect them, and ultimately 
5. Re-envision our ways of being. 

Our goal is to decolonize and restore the means that we can take as a community to impact how we collectively thrive with(in) Mother Earth. 

This program is organized by Hallie Sanclemente Morrison and Kathleen Brigidina in Elgin, IL, with support from Elevating Equity. The program will be greatly enriched by its participants and the knowledge, stories, and ideas they bring. We are always welcoming those who are interested in co-creating this communal experience to speak, lead activities, and co-facilitate sessions to register and express interest. Compensation is available. 
Interested in joining? Visit our official website
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